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Caritas Smile
Question & Answer

This Q&A program is designed to address potential questions from people interested in Caritas Smile's service-learning travel programs

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General inquiries:

Q: What is Caritas Smile?
 Caritas Smile is a non-profit organization that offers transformative travel experiences where you can combine travel with service and make a positive impact on communities around the world. 

Q:  What kind of service programs do you offer?
Caritas Smile offers a variety of programs depending on your interests and skills.  These can include teaching English, assisting with community development projects, promoting sustainable tourism practices, and more. 

Q: Do I need any experience to participate in a service program with Caritas Smile?
A:  Prior experience is not always required, but some programs may benefit from specific skills. We encourage you to review program details on our website. 

Trip logistics:

Q:  Where do your service programs take place?
  Caritas Smile currently offers service programs in the Dominican Republic and may           

      expand to other locations in the future. 

Q:  How long are the service programs?
  Program durations can vary, typically ranging from one week to eight days.  

Q:  What does the program cost?
Costs vary depending on the program duration, location, and accommodation         

      options.  We offer transparent pricing on our website and may have scholarships or discounts            available. 

Q:  What's included in the program fee?
Program fees typically cover accommodation, meals, in-country transportation, program                      activities, and service support.  Airfare is usually not included. 

Unpaid Service Opportunities:

Q:  Are there any service opportunities that are unpaid?
Yes, some of our programs are unpaid, but we offer free or subsidized accommodation in                   exchange for your service.  These programs are a great way to experience cultural immersion

       and make a difference while traveling on a budget.

Additional considerations:

Q:  Do I need to speak Spanish to participate in a program?
  While basic Spanish can be helpful, it's not always required.  We can advise on language needs         for specific programs. 

Q:  What kind of travel insurance do you recommend?
We recommend that all participants purchase travel insurance to cover potential medical                     emergencies or trip cancellations.

Q:   Is Caritas Smile a reputable organization?
   Absolutely! We are a registered non-profit organization with a strong commitment to ethical              service and responsible tourism practices. 

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