It all started in 2010

3 generations of Dominican-Americans living in Rhode Island and 1 packed suitcase of 200 stuffed animals landed in Dominican Republic. Their time in Monción was spent spreading laughther and joy to all those in the community. It was there when our founder, Sixcia Devine, wanted to take action and started a happiness movement to create Caritas Smile.

We strive to bring happiness wherever we go, and one of the main ways we do this is by surprising communities! When we travel, we always incorporate the element of surprise into everything we do. Each Take A Trip Change A Life program is unique, but surprising communities and children is embedded into who we are as an organization.

Since 2010, we’ve impacted countless communities accross Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Colombia, and most recently, Honduras.

Want to lean how YOU can make an impact? Learn more about our Take A Trip Change a Life program today!

About Us: Caritas Smile is unique among charities in that it operates programs both domestically and internationally, in a manner that is both intended to be interrelated and mutually reinforcing. The overarching mandate is to help children and woman fulfill their potential to be agents of change. Typically, most organizations would serve primarily a domestic or international mandate. Caritas Smile serves both.


Caritas Smile is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to empowering, educating, women and children worldwide. Caritas Smile provides comprehensive programs for social entrepreneurship, service learning and active citizenship. The Take a Trip Change a Life Impact Tour program inspires travelers to engage with local communities while learning a new language and culture first hand.

The mission of Caritas Smile is to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER women and children worldwide.