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Hello everyone!

I wanted to share a brief update about Katherine's journey.

She received her bone marrow transplant two months ago and is recovering as well as can be expected. A huge thank you to the incredible people at Hope Lodge for hosting them and providing everything they need to be close to their doctors. This made a big difference, especially considering the trips we were making to Boston several times a week before, which were definitely affecting Katherine's health.

I also wanted to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you - family, friends, and even complete strangers - who reached out with calls, text messages, and emails to check on Katherine. Most of you haven't even had the chance to meet Katherine or her mother Siomara, but your show of love and compassion means the world to both of them and to me.

My sincerest thanks also to the incredible medical staff and institutions who are taking such good care of Katherine.

Words cannot express the impact they are having on her life.


Now, some of you have asked me why I chose to help a stranger. The truth is, when someone's life is at stake, you don't focus on their past or the "what ifs." You take action.

No matter who they were, I knew I had to do something. My decision was solely based on the need to save a life.


Thank you all for your continued trust and compassion. Sending blessings to Katherine and Siomara as they navigate their journey with the American healthcare system and fight for their happy ending.

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When I first heard about this trip from a friend, I thought it sounded great, but it truly exceeded any expectations I had! It is the perfect combination of adventure, service and being immersed into the culture of a foreign country...Read more
This trip had the perfect balance of self care, adventure, giving and community building! Our mornings began with stretching, yoga, mindfulness and journaling overlooking the breathtaking mountains of the DR! Each meal consisted of the of authentic DR foods that were prepared with love and fresh, local ingredients. Our days were packed with random acts of kindness, connecting with local children and families, and supporting local businesses. Read more...

Carrie N. Westconsin, MI

I’d rate my experience a 10 if I could. Caritas Smile trip to Dominican Republic EXCEEDED my expectations. It’s the perfect mix of service, adventure, cultural immersion, yoga/meditation, great food, singing and dancing, community, and FUN! - Read more...



Take a Trip And Change a Life
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La Presa De Moncion, Dominican Republic

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The Monción Dam in the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean's tallest, seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with environmental sustainability, standing at 119 meters above sea level and serving a dual purpose of hydroelectric power and water supply.

“I believe that each and every one of us has the ability to do something and the thing I promised her mother was that I would use my voice...

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