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Become a volunteer and change the world!

Our volunteers who join the Take A Trip Change A Life (TATCAL) program have an experience of a lifetime. The programs offer the opportunity to live in the Dominican Republic or Honduras while enjoying fulfilling volunteer work for the local community, internship opportunities with local businesses, language immersion, and experiential learning on a daily basis.  As a traveler, you’ll gain valuable life experiences through hands-on work, all while integrating into the local culture and language.


Find your life’s purpose by helping others!

Travel the world and change lives with our Take A Trip Change A Life Program! Volunteer to rebuild a school, rebuild a home, and surprise communities in need with much needed resources will change the way you look at the world. Traveling through the countryside, mountain hiking, river tours, and exploring the true Dominican lifestyle and culture is an unforgettable experience!


Help humanity by being a part of change!

Volunteering your time to help kids in need will empower, inspire and give hope to  communities in need. You will help to rebuild schools and homes for families living in poverty, teach kids English, mentor women how to become self-sufficient through education, offer hope and love to humanity, and so much more!

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Our Take A Trip Change A Life volunteer travel service program provides affordable programs in Latin America. Since 2010, Caritas Smile has offered volunteer and service programs to participants from all over the world. Our service programs offer: Service Learning, Community Engagement, Volunteering in Schools, Volunteering to Teach, Experiential Education, Spanish Immersion, Volunteering Abroad, International Internships, Study Abroad, and other life changing opportunities that lead to personal and professional growth. 

Have you dreamed about traveling to a new country, spending your time in a meaningful way, and immersing yourself in a new language and culture? Volunteering abroad is a life-changing experience where you expand your horizons and learn in a way that could never be achieved in a classroom. We believe inspired vision, education, and a positive state of mind leads to positive mental growth.

Every year thousands of kids in poor areas of the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean are given a helping hand through Caritas Smile Programs. Volunteers work in an orphanage, teach English, music, dance, re-build schools and feed malnourished children.

Caritas Smile

Caritas Smiles Volunteers Change The World! 

The mission is to empower, educate, and inspire women and children worldwide.

Find your life’s purpose by helping those in need through mission trips and service.