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What to Expect When Studying Abroad

Study Spanish - Spanish Language Immersion


Imagine learning Spanish not in a classroom, but in a place where you hear and see the language every day—immersion is the perfect way to grasp a new language, no matter your experience level! Caritas Smile’s Spanish Language Immersion programs can be tailored to fit anyone’s needs, regardless of your age, budget, or goals.

Grasping the Spanish language is a practical skill for everyone, whether you want to further your career, earn college credit, or simply just want to learn a new skill. You’ll learn from a native Spanish speaker, alongside folks from across the globe.

Explore Beyond the Language


When you study Spanish with Caritas Smile, you study more than just the language—you have the opportunity to get involved with the community with service projects and learning, or internships with businesses. You’ll put your language skills in action as you get to know the people, and play role in the local community!  

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