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What to Expect 


An international internship is an experience unlike any other—learn the ins and outs of your industry while developing an understanding of the way things work in another part of the world! The Caritas Smile team will help you receive the appropriate credit from your university. Experience a firsthand international internship in one of these areas:


– Education

– Micro-Business

– English (teaching)

– Medical (coming soon)

Caritas Smile is dedicated to making your internship an unforgettable experience. Our team members have intimate knowledge of the local area. The team has a thorough understanding of the language and will help you adapt into your program. Through agreements with local businesses and groups, we’ll help you intern with a group that will best expand your skill set.

Your Caritas Smile team has spent years developing partnerships with local businesses to provide you with convenient and safe accommodations. We help you not only find the perfect internship, but also provide you with a complete package with room and board, as well as comprehensive safety considerations.    

Internships abroad will give a unique perspective to anyone pursuing business academically or looking to learn more about international business in general. As an intern, you’ll gain priceless insight into the inner workings of business in another country— insights you can apply to your own practices back home.

Your internship will help you develop into a global citizen. You will have the opportunity to meet fascinating people with differing viewpoints, see thrilling sites, and understand a new culture. You will effectively become a member of the community during your stay—this is an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on your worldview.

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