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Micro Business

The best way to learn about international business is to experience it firsthand—a micro business internship will allow you to do just that!

With Take a Trip Change a Life (TATCAL) programs, you’ll join the team of a local micro business, getting an inside look at business practices, and helping with daily operations and major projects. You’ll expand your Spanish-speaking skills, using them daily to communicate with your coworkers, while learning about economic development in emergent nations. By the end of your internship, you’ll have gained a brand-new perspective on international business.

With a micro-business internship, you can work in your specific area of expertise. Not only will you be utilizing your Spanish skills with coworkers, but you will have the opportunity to think globally, catering specifically to the needs of customers of the business. You might also have the chance to help with awesome and unique projects, like international marketing, translating to English, and working one on one with customers. You’ll want to brush up on your Spanish for this internship, since you’ll be using it daily to work with coworkers and clients. If you need some extra practice, Caritas Smile can help bring you up to speed with online courses.

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