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Volunteer Abroad Programs in The Dominican Republic

Take A Trip Change A Life (TATCAL) programs with Caritas Smile are an experience unlike any other—you’ll wake up every morning in the beautiful Dominican Republic, and spend your days volunteering with the local community. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel, volunteer, and learn—all at once!

When you volunteer abroad, your trip will include much more than provide you with memorable sights and sounds. Volunteering allows you to completely immerse yourself in the culture and language, while providing service to people in need. When you travel to the Dominican Republic with Caritas Smile, you can rest assured that all of your needs will be met—you can sit back and relax as you change the world for the better.

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Volunteering with Caritas Smile

With a home base in Rhode Island and a branch in the Dominican Republic, Caritas Smile has experts on the ground who are knowledgeable about the region. We also understand the logistics of travel and volunteer programs, and we’re willing and able to assist you in every detail of planning. Our competitive prices will help cover important parts of your trip—this includes costs like your living expenses, as well as the Caritas Smile team that is on-site to ensure the safety and smoothness of your experience.

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Volunteer With Children

If you are looking for an international experience while helping kids in need, Caritas Smile has the perfect program for you. Work one-on-one with underprivileged children, from education to recreation. You’ll have a blast, and at the same time have a major impact on a child’s life.

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Volunteer as an English Teacher

Using your English skills can help other unlock the door to a world of possibilities for underserved populations. With Caritas Smile, you can volunteer to teach English to locals—both adults and children. You’ll be helping folks acquire to tools they need to improve their careers, their education, and their lives.

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