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Mindfulness Caritas Smile Bangle by ESTEVERDE

Steven Tegu: Artist/ Educator/ Translator
Professor Tegu has advocated for Latino Justice in the courtroom, hospitals and classrooms.
His commitment to the preservation of Latino culture and language as well as his support of Caritas Smile
is reflected in this exclusive commemorative bangle and key chain.
A fusion of fashion glamour  & social justice, education & global development, mindful consumerism & eco-friendly

By purchasing this limited edition Mindfulness Bangle, Caritas Smile receives 50% of proceeds which will support service learning programs for women and children living in developing countries. Caritas Smile supports artists and empowers them through social entrepreneurship.

Solidarity and Eco Mindfulness come together in this unusual handmade limited edition bangle.
Hand crafted from a anti-corrosive stainless steel bike spoke and hand stamped recycled military brass shell casings, this bangle is as indestructible as the human spirit.
This rugged and elegant bracelet celebrates social activism, the love of bicycling and the ecological commitment to recycling.
The combination of the brass and stainless steel creates a dramatic contrast while making an elegant understatement.