Gift Of Vision Annual Event

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You’re Invited

To The Second Annual Gift of Vision Cocktail Event

To Benefit The Blind Youth In Dominican Republic

Hosted By Friends of Caritas Smile, Blend PVD Restaurant &

Community Volunteers

November 1, 2018


Click the video below to hear Joselitos gratitude message from 2017 to our supporters, donars and volubteers. 

Joselito Hernandez was nine years old when his cousin accidentally struck his eye with the machete as he worked outside.  Joselito lost complete vision in his right eye.   He was moved from Santo Domingo to the country side of Samana in the Dominican Republic with his grandmother in hopes of receiving better medical assistance. But due to their extreme poverity stricken economic situation they were foced to move to the tough barrio of Gualey located in the capital of Dominican Republic.

Another devasting tragedy occured when at twelve years old, while he was asleep, a stray bullet landed exactly on his left eye leaving him completely blind. At such a young age Joselito’s life would take a turn for the worst and leave him completly blind.

Today he remains living under the same zinc roof house in which the stray bullet almost claimed his life. 

Caritas Smile volunteers have come together to collaborate on the power of human kindness  to help Joselito live a life of stability, meaning, and value.