A Masquerade Ball With Caritas Smile

It’s that time of year again! This year will be the 8th Annual Masquerade Ball and Toy Drive with Caritas Smile! We’ve been holding this event since 2010 in order to fundraise our favorite program. Every year for the holidays, we take a trip to the Dominican Republic to surprise local families in need with the toys and funds we raise at this event. This year, you can be involved in this charitable act by attending our masquerade ball and donating! It’s sure to be a blast, just as it has been every year!

Why Give?

It’s always good to know about any organization before you donate, so we encourage you to click around our website and get to know Caritas Smile a little better. We’re a non-profit organization that takes service trips to the Dominican Republic and Honduras with the goal of educating and empowering women and children. Our Take a Trip, Change a Life program is a wonderful way for college students to experience the benefits of service learning while volunteering in a community different from their own. Most importantly, we strive to empower families in need and help in times of hardship. For the past few years, out Toy Drive has brought joy to many families and inspired those around the world to give. We’re hoping you’ll be inspired, too!

Why a Masquerade?

Why did we choose a Masquerade Ball as our annual fundraising event? Well, for one thing, it’s to get in the spirit of Fall and Halloween! But it’s more than that, too. We put on masks every day of our lives, and despite common assumptions, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, wearing a mask that empowers you to face the world can give you the courage you need to achieve! Wearing metaphorical masks is usually something we think of as being disingenuous, or false. But this time of year celebrates the different masks we wear just to go out and have a good time! In honor of the tradition of masks in Latin American culture and the empowerment that wearing masks can bring, Caritas Smile is proud to host an annual Masquerade Ball as our key fundraising event every year!

What You Can Look Forward to…

So what will we have at our ball, besides plenty of masks and a good time? For a $50 ticket (only $40 if you’re a student!) you’ll be welcomed to the Crowne Plaza for an unforgettable evening. There will be a dance performance by Case Closed, a fashion show by Lights, Fashion, Philanthropy, and a singing performance by a special guest! We’ll also have a silent auction and raffle that you can enter for a chance to win unique items from local Rhode Island businesses. Of course we also encourage you to bring along toys to donate to our toy drive, which will be collected at the event. And there will be plenty of dancing and refreshment as well. You won’t want to miss it! You can buy tickets and learn more about the event right here on our site.

Can’t Make It?

Not in the RI area? No worries! You can still be a part of the celebration by donating. Every dollar counts, so give what you can, no matter how small. Even the smallest donation can help bring a smile to the face of a child in need this holiday season.

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