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Caritas Smile Tours and Trips

Volunteer In The Dominican Republic

Caritas Smile organizes and runs 1-week volunteer trips to the Dominican Republic throughout the year.

Our service trips are not your usual “go and paint a house” projects.

Along with forming deep connections with the community we visit, the trip program includes breathtaking hikes, peaceful meditations and morning yoga practices.

You’ll invited into local homes, play and talk with children, and surprise an in-need family with a transformative project.

– Why Join Us –


We work with university departments, student groups and faculty to combine instruction with meaningful community service experiences.

  • • Opportunities for students to make valuable contributions to communities through active participation in organized service experiences.
  • • Structured time for students to think, talk, or write about their experiences.
  • • Opportunities for students to use newly acquired academic skills and knowledge in real life communities

Young Proffesionals

The modern world can feel so overwhelming, fast-paced and disconnected. Our trips give graduates and young professionals the space to find clarity and connection.

  • • Plenty of meaningful work offline and in the physical world.
  • • Guided meditation and yoga practices to help build healthy mental habits.
  • • Dedicated journaling and group bonding time.
  • • Find connection and clarity for the next steps in your life.

– Why Travel With –

Learn Together

Community-Based Learning

  • Customized Service-learning for students: Students relate community-based service experience to course objectives using structured reflection and learning activities.
  • Meaningful Community Interaction: Every interaction has the potential to teach you something new about yourself, the destination, or the community.

Practice Spirituality

Mindfullness And Wellness

  • Meditation and Yoga: We incorporate meditation and yoga into our trips to teach participants how to look after themselves while helping others.
  • Reflection Time: When you travel it gives you the chance to evaluate your accomplishments and rethink your goals. We facilitate this with self-journaling time and group talks.
  • “Unstructured time: We make time for fun unexpected moments (like an impromptu dance session!)

Started With Piles of Dirt
“We built the foundation of a house from piles of dirt, played with children, surprised people with gifts, explored Moncion, meditated, [practiced] yoga, learned to dance Bachata, swam in a river, ate mangoes fresh from the tree, went on a boat tour in Rio San Juan, went to the beach and relaxed in a hotel for one night”


  • • Lend a hand building infrastructure in rural villages
  • • Help local small businesses with marketing
  • • Teach English
  • • Volunteer to re-build a school, family home or community
  • • Gain work and life experience
  • • Directly deliver clothes, shoes, basic living supplies to families
    in need
  • • Bring holiday cheer to needy and sick children at clinics
    and hospitals
  • • Work in an orphanage, school, small business
  • • Wander through the town’s most breathtaking landscapes
  • • Learn about the economic development, culture, customs
    and language of the country
  • • Daily mindful mediation and Spanish language lessons

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