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off the beaten path tours in developing countries that Combines Your LOVE of travel with Your desire to make a difference in the World :). 

Take a Trip Change a Life Service Program: Monción Community

Dominican Republic thrives on tourism. Unfortunately, many rural communities away from the coast are not able to capitalize on this commodity. Monción is one of these communities with the majority of families living in tin structures with dirt floors, lacking proper plumbing and educated in a crowded one room school that accommodates toddlers to teens.

The Take a Trip Change a Life Service Program in the Dominican Republic continues to make improvements in Monción while working alongside members of this community in need.

Call 401-868-1055 or email 

Call 401-868-1055 or email 


  • Lend a hand building infrastructure in rural villages
  • Mentor and inspire students 
  • Help to re-build a school,  family home or community
  • Directly deliver clothes, shoes, basic living supplies to families in need
  • Bring holiday cheer to needy and sick children at clinics and hospitals
  • Wander through the town’s most breathtaking landscapes
  • Learn about the economic development, culture, customs and language of the country  
  • Daily mindful mediation and Spanish language workshops

Your love of travel with your desire to make a difference in the world


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