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Did you know that practicing mindfulness and meditation will increase productivity?

Research has proven how when we can recognize and understand how we are feeling under stress, we are better able to manage our emotions in stressful situations, therefore allowing us to be more productive. When we tune-in to what we are feeling, we are practicing mindfulness so that we can ground ourselves and feel at ease.
This serves to be important in any aspect of life as we are only human; There will be times when we experience a great amount of stress and overwhelming emotions. We can’t allow this problem to effect our productivity by causing us to shut down or run away. A simple solution is often overlooked: we need to re-ground ourselves with mindful meditation.

We Incorporate Mindfullness Into Our Service Learning Programs

Meditation is becoming mainstream as it is an easy method for cleansing your mind. When needing to feel refreshed, it is simple and convenient to meditate anywhere at any time.

Caritas Smile incorporates the importance of meditation and reflection into our service learning programs. This involves structured time for volunteers to think, talk, or write about their experiences with the service activity. By taking this time to reflect, we are able to clearly see the impact of our service work. It feels great to recognize how much love and help you have provided to a community who needs and deserves it.

Incorporating time for meditation and yoga into service learning programs allows volunteers to experience spiritual growth. Our mindful meditation sessions teach volunteers about their inner self and practicing self-care. In order to take care of others, we must take care of ourselves first. It’s important to be mindful of your own consciousness, especially when performing acts of selflessness.

When you travel, you are finally able to take a break from everyday life. You have a chance to think about what you have accomplished, what your goals are, and if you are doing what will make you happiest or not. Caritas Smile’s travel programs recognize the importance of this reflective travel time by incorporating mindfulness meditation and reflection sessions into our service learning.

This eye-opening experience may even inspire participants to continue meditating even after our program, transforming their thoughts into mindful moments of reflection.

Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Mindfullness, Reflection

When you break through the noise of modern society and find clarity through real human connection, it makes all the difference between feeling directionless and finding out what matters most to you in life.

And being able to help a friendly community in desperate need of some assistance? That gives you the meaningful human contact most of us crave.

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