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Caritas Smile

can help you fundraise and reach your goal to support our programs fees.
The way we do this by launching fundraising campaigns tailored to your specific, individual needs. We will provide you with appropriate resources to make your campaign as successful as possible.

– Reach out to your –

Connecting with the people you already have relationships with is the best place to start. When your community understands why you want to volunteer and change lives on a service trip, they’ll want to support you. The funds you raise will directly contribute to your program fee, which directly benefits the community you are traveling to serve.


Create a fundraising event and invite your network

Caritas Smile can help you organize an event as a way to fundraise. In order for the event to be a success, you will need to invite your network to attend and donate. We can help you determine what kind of event your network would be most interested in, then organize and prepare for the event. Our volunteers may also offer assistance in carrying out your fundraising event.


Use the internet to start collecting donations

Online fundraising campaigns reach an audience far wider than we could reach on our own. Creating a donation form to share online is an easy way to reach out to potential donors. On the internet, we can share a description of why we are collecting donations attached to a donation form. Social media can also be used to aid collecting donations.

Your help is needed all over the world. We don’t want funding
to keep you from volunteering with us!

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you raise funds to cover your program fees.

How to create an event fundraiser

P.S. ALL of our profits go back into the community. Every single dollar. Unlike large organizations, we don’t have inflated salaries to pay or high operating costs to manage. Everything you put in goes straight back to the community.

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