Caritas Smile Service Learning for Teachers


Caritas Smile, Take A Trip Change A Life program, works with university departments, student groups and faculty to combine instruction with meaningful community service experiences. Our community-based learning programs in Dominican Republic and the US provides the following:

  • Opportunities for students to make valuable contributions to communities through active participation in organized service experiences coordinated with the school and community.
  • Structured time for students to think, talk, or write about their experiences with the service activity.
  • Opportunities for students to use newly acquired academic skills and knowledge in real life situations in their communities.
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  • Customized Service-learning courses: Students relate community-based service experience to course objectives using structured reflection and learning activities in a regular academic course.
  • University-community partnership: These partnerships are ongoing relationships between the university (department or faculty) and community partners in which students are involved in service. Each program is uniquely tailored to the objectives of the classroom.
  • Internship, practicum, or field experience: Students are placed in selected service sites where they work individually or in a group setting. Programs are structured to reach university and classroom goals. They apply their knowledge and skills to complete their classroom and/or community service hours.
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Each customized Service Learning Program offer students the opportunity to study about and travel throughout the US and Dominican Republic. Students will be provided with a rich academic and experiential learning opportunity that explores subjects such as: community service, gender and women, international development, ecotourism, small business growth, social justice, and other issues.


*What does the day by day itinerary look like?  Here is the agenda – it will change for the better:)!
*Will all of the students be staying together in the same housing in D.R.? Yes the group will be staying together  here is a link to the Caritas Guesthouse.
*Are there any supplies that they should be collecting to bring to the project? Educational supplies and some art supplies would be great but not required. Volunteers like to bring sports stuff like baseballs, basketballs (deflated), sneakers and toys that do not require batteries.
Is there an application process? Yes, please click here 
to fill out the January 2019 application.  Email for Spring, Summer and Fall Programs. 

Spring 2019:


March 11-17

April 14-20

May 22-27


 *Additional groups for groups over 5 are available upon request.

Fall 2019:


Open September – December, 2019
Open January – March, 2019
Open Spring Break




Summer Programs

Study for a Semester

Summer 2019:


June 24-30 
July 14-21 




 *Additional groups for groups over 15 are available upon request.


Caritas Smile volunteers surprised school children with this colorful mural painted on the back of an elementary school in Dominican Republic.

“So thankful to have been able to experience such an eye-opening adventure. Caritas Smile is truly an amazing program and suggested to anyone who is willing to lend a hand to help those in need. I cannot wait for my next adventure with them.” – Julia, University of Rhode Island


“All of the people involved with Caritas share the same unflinching drive to help others who are in need.” – David, Volunteer

“ I never thought that spreading love, kindness, and hope would be so much fun! Caritas Smile presented me with opportunities to see, feel, experience, and become a part of local and international communities. It allowed me to make a difference in someone’s life – an enormous gift one can make for another. I realized that real happiness is counted by the amount of smiles you create on faces of others – that’s what Caritas is set to do.” – Anya, Salve Regina University Alum

Julia, Universty of Rhode Island

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