I am humbled and excited in knowing that this experience has been shaped by the people and experiences in my life. As you will see, the pictures posted on our site embrase our work.  Each smile tells a story. The Caritas Newsletter will share with you stories and tips of Sharing and creating your own Happiness. - Sixcia Devine

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Over the Christmas holidays in 2010, three generations of Dominican - Americans living in Rhode Island – a four-year old child, his mother, and his grandmother – packed a suitcase full of two hundred stuffed animals and delivered them to children in the Dominican Republic who had never experienced the joy of receiving gifts for the holidays. The response was overwhelming! With this simple gesture of caring, these three pioneers touched the hearts of the children and families in a small Dominican village – Moncion, Santiago Rodriguez.

They became concerned for all the orphaned and abandoned children they saw in remote communities throughout the island nation. They had pride in their culture and the people. They had to take action.

Together they decided to start a happiness movement to put smiles on these children’s caritas, or little faces.  Caritas Smile was created in 2010.

Since then, our commitment in the Dominican Republic has been growing constantly spreading into Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua and India. Caritas Smile has visited medical clinics, children’s hospitals, schools, and churches in remote villages and surprised thousands of children and families with gifts for the holidays, inspiring smiles and hope for a brighter future. 



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UMASS Amherst

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